Heterogeinity in a mooc.

rubensPeople from 22 countries from visited my blog on #rhizo14 the last 7 days. We are a very heterogeneous crowd living in Asia, Africa, Australia, the Americas, Europe.
Some of us are young students in universities, some are teachers in their 30 40 and all ages, some are retired, of different ages. Different backgrounds different fields of study different jobs.
I am sure people do misunderstand texts because of heterogeneity. Most of us try to understand other people.
But cultural differences are present.
How to avoid damage by cultural misunderstanding? The study of intercultural communication is difficult. So many different cultures.
Differences in goals and differences in social media communication skills add to possible misunderstanding.

One way of handling these problems and misunderstandings is ignore them and ignore the person who is the source of trouble.
Another way, I think a better way sometimes, is to try to understand and use cultural skills to explore new ways and new cultures.

I think it a big pleasure to watch and be present in this multicultural group of people. (if i were of a US background I would probably say ” am exited to be with you”)

(Rubens (?) made the picture)


4 thoughts on “Heterogeinity in a mooc.

  1. Great post Jaap. How can we have better cultural skills? This is quite an anglophone MOOC and it’s too easy for voluble participants like myself to drown out other speakers. Can we have spaces where the interaction is slowed down? What do you suggest?

  2. The introverts do occupy the blog comments. In rhizo with asynchronous communication interaction is slowing down when it is night in the America ‘s. Then the European and African rhizoists can read the stories and write our coments and blog summaries.
    To me its no problem at all.

  3. Anglophone people do live in very different countries wit very different cultures. Nw Zealand, Texas, Nw York, Aberdeen, etc. Misunderstanding and miscommunications are to be expected, even in persons of your own circle.

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