Rhizomatic nature of dependency, last words


Birds are used in poetical metaphors about independency and freedom. But as the world is rhizomatic and ecological, and as anything is rhizomatically connected to everything, nothing, no bird, no student is ever independent.
Does this mean independent is a useless word, because it is a non-existent concept?
Or is independence a “relation word”, a word which always has to be used in a description of a relation?
“She is very independent of her parents.”
“He is dependent of drugs.”
“Our objective is to foster

the focus for many this week has not been on the suggested topic – ‘Enforcing Independence’ – but on perceived divisions within the community. For me, this is what has made it feel so ‘messy’.
(Jenny Mackness)
I tried to post this comment to Jenny’s blog. But Blogger and WordPress do not want to live in peace, so commenting is not easy. So here is a comment on Jenny’s blog:
Even a post on group roles is about independence. People in a mooc do engage, do response, and in this way make themselves dependent of mooc-mates.
Dependence is a relations-word. Dependence is related to another person or group, or anything. If we are talking about forcing a person into independence, we should ask independence of what..?

photo: canal (Engelenfaert) in Heerenveen,


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