Question about the rhizomatic nature of texts and citations

reflecting ” The MOOC has created debates about the ownership of ideas, the sharing of resources, the role of the teacher and learner, the notions of authorship and collaboration, … In these ideas, notions, messes, and themes lie new pedagogies waiting to wake up. In them lie the potential to change the way we teach to better match what is really going on in learners’ lives and in our hybrid culture. ” (Sean Michael Morris)

  • In academics it is custom to add citations to a text.
  • The citations can make a point more clear, because with the citation people will understand a text.
  • The citation could be a sign of the authors place in a discussion. Citations of Marx and Engels could be signs of a political choices.
  • But some citations are just proof of academic status. And citations are an assessment tool for academics. – I’ll cite you and you’ll cite me –
  • Do citations in a text proof anything?

What does this citation habit in academic  with independence of students? Is real independency fostered by this citation-dictatorship?
What is the history of citations in academic texts? My wild guess, it is only 300 years old, you should write an essay about that.
Why do teachers force this habit into students? Takes a lot of time to make a student write a text with the right citations.

Wikipedia: Citation has several important purposes: to uphold intellectual honesty (or avoiding plagiarism),[Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “What Does it Mean to Cite?” MIT Academic Integrity. to attribute prior or unoriginal work and ideas to the correct sources, to allow the reader to determine independently whether the referenced material supports the author’s argument in the claimed way, and to help the reader gauge the strength and validity of the material the author has used.[Association of Legal Writing Directors Darby Dickerson and Mickey Mouse, ed., ALWD Citation Manual: A Professional System of Citation, 4th ed.(New York: Aspen, 2010), 3.]
Do I have to add a footnote to tell some readers what MIT is?

Using Wikipedia for citations is regarded as low-status or not done (forbidden) in some academical places.

J.G. Ballard’s “Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown,” is one sentence (“A discharged Broadmoor patient compiles ‘Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown,’ recalling his wife’s murder, his trial and exoneration.”) and a series of elaborate footnotes to each one of the words.

A student writes a draft on an essay,
Student does a search on sentences

and finds some texts to use  as quotes.
Student uses these citations to add to the essay.
Now it is an academic essay

We could write an app to do it better.

Citations are connected to ownership of text and idea.
How can you buy or sell the ideas, the richness of the mind? The thought is strange.
If we do not own the freshness of speech and the sparkle of the wit, how can you buy them?
You must teach your children that the words in their books are the ideas of your parents.

How about your ideas on ownership of ideas?


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