Declare my work uncertainty

wordleStart of  week on uncertainty. Uncertainty is a dynamical force to enhance learning and creativity. But uncertainty could make you sick and impotent to any action.

  • uncertainty as a psychological concept:

  • uncertainty of meaning of language in expressing a concept or idea
  • uncertainty of self and self esteem
  • uncertainty of belonging
  • uncertainty as a epistomological or philosophy of science concept:

  • uncertainty of truth
  • uncertainty of proof

Uncertainty is the desire or motivation for an answer, this desire could give energy or kill gumption.
Dynamics of uncertainty. (this could be a concept to hug and like)
Uncertainty of concepts, in #rhizo14  the group; culture; network; the participants; students; collective; mooc; is called with many names. Some humans would ask for a decision on the right name for the mooc-people.


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