Explain the rhizome


First thing after breakfast, cleaning the room I find this sheet of paper. I must admit I was a fool yesterday evening. Tried to explain rhizome to my friend. He just popped in to chat. Than he asked “what did you do today?” Well he did ask for it, or did he?

He did not get it, so we discussed village politics and weather and the usual topics. Somebody should write a ‘rhizome in 5 minutes presentation’

The world of concepts and ideas is a rhizome, all is connected, and when we walk in the world of concepts it is as if we walk in a labyrinth. (you know this cartoon of someone selling maps of a labyrint?) Science tries to find ways in the labyrinth, maps.
Does a rhizomatic teacher provide the student with a map?

I like the 3 worlds idea of Popper. World 1 is nature, world 2 is experience and world 3 is concepts.


2 thoughts on “Explain the rhizome

  1. So, let’s start a project: ‘How would you describe Rhizomatic Learning to a friend over a beer?’ and lets use your post here as the container.

    My answer:

    “What did I do today? I spent the day on the open web.”

    “Doing what?” says friend.

    “Learning how to use it to help my students learn better and to help me understand what comes after linear learning. It is much messier now, we need to manage more content that we can individually and make sense of many diverse sources. The course I am doing is teaching me how to use the awesome tool the open web is for education and not just fun or catching up with friends. The process is more like sorting out the roots of plant in the garden than about cutting a few flowers for the dinner table.”

    How do you like that answer? Try it on your friends. #rhizo14MF

  2. Depends on the friend we have in mind. One would ask:
    “What do you mean, lineair learning?”
    “Listen to the story of this beer, so many things connected to this beer. It is not just where does it come from, who made it, so many questions we could ask. Do tell me what do you think important in the story, what should we teach?”
    “The story of this can with beer is not a lineair story any more. It is a complex never ending story. Do you know that book?”

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