Rhizome and beer?

bosman_wikingToday my friend popped in for a chat. He knows my beer is good.
And again he asked “that rhizome thing tell me more about it.”
Now I was prepared and this is what I told him:
Look at the beer. It is made in Poland but the barley is from Danemark. The can is made of Australian bauxite in France. The carrier to bring the bauxite to France had a Cape Verde crew. One of them was very ill and needed a medical help. A USA warship was near and they took the sailor aboard in hospital.
The can arrived here in the shop by truck, a Polish truck with a Polish driver. He is married and with three children. One of his children is in jail.
On the can is a Viking Ship, the Swedish army once occupied part of Poland and Prussia.

Now he got it.
Oh he said. And the paint on the can is made in China in a factory that pollutes the environment. Now this beer did cause some accidents. That Polish driver was very tired and sad and he almost caused an accident on the road in Germany. The other driver was angry because of this near-accident and he was angry to his friends.

Ah, so ‘rhizome’ means anything is connected to everything else. Well for a start that is not bad. And rhizomatic learning is: Open a can with beer and think of all stories that one could imagine about the beer and the can..

We did talk a lot about the beer and the can. We could write a book about the can and another.


4 thoughts on “Rhizome and beer?

  1. wow: “rhizomatic learning is: Open a can with beer and think of all stories that one could imagine about the beer and the can..”
    This is a perfect description of what i’ve been thinking / feeling about the rhizo experience: it’s all about the narrative, stories, sharing experiences, creating experiences – and learning through these together. This is what happens when the only content in the ‘course’ are our blog posts – we end up telling each other stories related to the theme.
    I also like the element of play, remix and creating that’s crept in too – I think stories, conversations, and play have been some of the defining features.

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