Wonderment and uncertainty and tea

uncetaintyI like the word wonderment, in Dutch we say verwondering. Wonderment is a way of looking. “When you loose wonderment you become a lousy teacher” one of my teachers used to say.
#rhizo14 is a source of wonderment. And this week uncertainty is topic. Embrace uncertainty is the theme.

In skills training most students show some hesitation before they act. That moment of hesitation is beautiful.
But some students cannot cope with this hesitation. Is it uncertainty? They do not move. They are stuck and I feel wonderment. Why do you not move? “Just make a start, do anything. We do not expect you to be perfect just move”. Only when the student tries to do anything we can help improving the skill.
When such a student gets unstuck and  started that it is one of the most beautiful moments in skills training.

Embracing uncertainty is one way to cope with uncertainty.
In an educational world full of very uncertain managers with prefab lessons and curricula and confection assessment rhizomatic learning could be a revolutionary concept. It could add wonderment into education.

What is Zen?

Attention, attention, attention.
In Zen are no teachers, and Nothing to teach.
if we sit quietly the body relaxes and we are calm and vital.
Concentration, contemplation, one with nature, enlightened.
Harmony, respect, purity and tranquility are the essence of the tea ritual.


2 thoughts on “Wonderment and uncertainty and tea

  1. hey Jaap.. I just realized you are another of the ppl also signed up for DLMOOC and Rhizo14… but am not really engaging as much with DLMOOC (or at all, actually, just reading some stuff). Interesting…

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