Introduction to #potcert spring classes week 13

Graduated in “methods and techniques of educational research”. Was a teacher, trainer and staff member at various educational institutions. Specializing in ICT and education.
I am a writer/author on the web, writing educational articles for teachers and other school people. Writing a website for teachers in vocational schools and colleges.. All about soft skills and ICT in vocational curricula.
Did write scripts for educational video’s in a publishers house.
My native language is Dutch.



3 thoughts on “Introduction to #potcert spring classes week 13

  1. We’ve got to stop meeting like this, Jaap 😉 Yet another Web connection. I completed the #POTCERT course two years ago and love returning for the Spring semester to learn about the latest and greatest in online learning and teaching. btw Your mention of soft skills reminds me of something I heard in Cathy Davidson’s Jan. 29th class in FutureEd yesterday and noted her point: “All education is vocational” and her explanation that all that we learn to help us live “productive, happily socially-engaged lives” is vocational in nature. Here’s to continued work on our happily socially-engaged lives! See you around!

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