The medium is the message?

ox_chinese_zodiac_symbol_posters-r89f3e2686c9840109b7b038cb360177b_0h3_8byvr_512Language needs a medium. The medium could be sound, paper, books, screen, phone. Medium has possibilities and impossibilities.
Telling stories has laws and rules. Listeners react on the story if you don’t keep to the rules. Writing has rules.

learning depends on language, the medium (books, blogs) of the language restricts or benefits the learning. The medium of telling has rules and laws, the art of story telling is to use these rules to make a good story. Books do have their rules and possibilities. Newspapers and blogging are media with possibilities and impossibilities.

students need to know these features of language, of writing telling and learning.
Teaching literacies should make students discover these features of the medium.
Language and culture of an author have to fit in the medium. In Dutch spoken and written language are almost the same. In some cultures in the English language this written and spoken language are different. Language peculiarities of a sub-culture could be a obstacle in understanding and learning.

Storytelling is a great. In my family we tell stories, and I never knew this is called oral tradition. Do you tell stories to your children? Stories about adventures of little people in the woods, or a bunch of sailors on a ship?


2 thoughts on “The medium is the message?

  1. I find it fascinating that in Dutch spoken and written language are so similar. Agreed that English is not nearly so well-behaved. Dialects keep things interesting. They can unite or distance us.

    So does the similarity of written and spoken language make it easier for young students to master written language?

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