Uncertainty, what do we teach?

20140205-220330.jpgMy parents and teachers could not know the future. Yet they did teach me some very good lessons.
How to read, how to find my way in texts. (That was almost all I needed to use my first computer)
How to find sources of knowledge, use catalogs, libraries, how to ask questions.
How to learn to change my knowledge and skills,
How to care for other people,
How to cope with uncertainty, problems, questions.
How to be a human.
How to find a way into the unknown future.

And most of the time they did not know they were teaching. And they never knew they were training a nomad.


One thought on “Uncertainty, what do we teach?

  1. Sounds like you were taught responsibility rather than rules? I remember being expected to admit to and apologize for bad things I did. Not for forgiveness but for the awareness of what I’d done. I think my parents knew that calling something a “mistake” when it was a bad thing done on purpose would rob me of the power to make decisions and distance me from my actions.

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