Community my curriculum? #rhizo14

hurkendeman(Hurkende man, Antony Gormley, Lelystad, 25 meter hoog)

Just to start with some questions on the subject of this week of rhizo14.

Now i am thinking about Bricolage and deconstruction and de-noun-ification of the question. But that need some time.

Is the Community or the  individual the client for a MOOC or Course?  Do We  Groupe Rhizo14 have a curriculum, do sub-groups have one, or has every participant a curriculum? Do we make our own group- or individual- curriculum?
Is an online course a group or community? Is a  classroom with students a group or community?  Why define a number of participants in an educational setting as a  group/community? Heli Nurmi will write about community. In #rhizo14 we did discuss the community in depth:

now, i get that even two students who sit next to each other in a f2f course may have completely different perceptions, mental maps, and experiences of the class and who and what counts in that class, and may never speak to each other. but still that proximity marks them as members of the same thing. what i’m wondering is, without a single common space by which to mark off belonging or to become familiar with each other, at least nominally, can we call #rhizo14 a community? i’ve seen a number of you use the term community…do you mean the course, or the FB group? does your answer vary depending on how distributed your own engagement is? (Bonnie Steward FB)

What social contract do we have? What are our expectations, what do we want? How do we support? What do we need? (Mariana Funes).

Is the curriculum growing and changing, or is it static? Has it to be? Should it be? Where is the end?

the or one? the curriculum or one in  a collection, a list of subjects, questions?

Curriculum a guide to a future or a log of our travels? Map into unknown lands or our history put on a map? In Dutch we use ‘leerplan’.
Is it made by the power of the majority? Is it a menu and I can just choose the nice bits? Is a curriculum necessary for teaching or is it a must for learning? What do we expect to learn from rhizo14?

Currriculum vitea?


3 thoughts on “Community my curriculum? #rhizo14

  1. I wondered if it could be seen to ’emerge’ from the community. If that’s the case then HOW does it emerge? In a diffuse way , in a strong way that might suggest groupthink. I am still puzzling.

  2. The artist did not make the construction, he did the design. A construction firm did the work and they are very proud of their achievement. The factory that made the steel pipes is very proud too, for the construction is very heavy and their steel pipes do a great job.
    These parties did work together in the job and the project. I doubt if this is group or community. Here is a job to be done and we need each other to do the job.
    They did work together, respected each other. Does working together make a number of people a community?

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