week 19 potcert Learning Theories

online on the beachBehaviorism cognitivism constructivism connectivism as the four main theories for teaching. The theories do not exclude each other?
These four activities — reading, writing, critical thinking, and calculation — should make up, for Larray Sange, the vast bulk of a liberal education.
Larry Sanger does not mention technical and vocational education. Is there a future in liberal education?
Social learning could not replace these individual, “Cartesian” activities without jettisoning liberal education itself. Is social learning constructivism? connectivism?
Is rote learning not necessary? you need knowledge in order to know what questions to ask. Knowledge is not obsolete. To possess a substantial understanding of a field requires not just memorizing the facts and figures that are used by everyone in the field but also practicing, using, and internalizing those basics. (Larray Sange)
(In order to write this post I must know a lot of words and how to use these words, and have information about education theories)

In connectivism We build competence, make sense, learn, and growth through our connections.  George Siemens:  it’s important to note that educators play a vital role… They serve as curators of ideas, connections, philosophies, and world views. They create frameworks of interpreting and understanding history, new technologies, and trends through their work and public dialogue.
What kind of change do you want to foster in students?

Education is about to learn to cope with life.


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