Presentation #potcert Networking for teachers.

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Hallo I am Jaap,
welcome to this presentation on networking and learning in a professional network with social media. as an online teacher

Online teachers need to keep on learning about online learning. It is an ever changing field of knowledge technology and possibilities. Life long learning is necessary to be a Professional online teacher.

This network is your PLN, personal learning network. Social media is not just conversation, some people do share links to really interesting websites. Sites to use in online courses or improve your lessons and professional knowledge. Conversation is an important part of a PLN.

Social media is a way to keep the conversation going. Asking questions is a great way to connect. Do thank people for their contributions. Do publish links, do join conversations. In this presentation I will show you the way to social media, twitter.

I do use Prezi for this presentation and the voice over is made with Audacity. Read here a manual to add voice over to prezi

In my blog on you will find the text of this presentation and some links.

As a professional teacher we should go on learning about online teaching. As a teacher in a changing world we need life long learning. We need to know the changes in technology and knowledge. Web literacies is an example of the ever-changing world of education.
Online learning is a great way to learn about online learning. As an online student you will get to know new ways of online teaching. An online discussion can be very inspiring, because participants from other parts of the country and of all over the world are different have different experiences and they ask unexpected questions and they often found surprising solutions. One way to learn about online learning is subscribe as a student to online learning courses.

In other very good way to learn online is to subscribe to a MOOC. It is easy, it is cheap. And if you do not like the MOOC you subscribed to you just leave it and look for another one. The best part of a well formed MOOC is the connections to other participants. George Downes  has a list of MOOCs and a newsletter.

Some MOOCs are very interesting to online teachers, because teaching or online teaching is the subject of these MOOCs.
Most MOOCs do have an opportunity to discuss with other students. That is an opportunity to find connections to your professional network.
Digital storytelling 106 (DS106)  is a remarkable course, some of you will like it.

MIT did publish their courseware on iTunes and on the website And all universities and other institutions are preparing new MOOCs. Free online courses on every subject are available, just search and find. Keep in mind that a course, be it online or f2f is an opportunity to network. Make friends and connect to students. How to select connections for your professional network? Do not only select those who agree on your opinions. It is a learning network and disagreement and discussion makes you learn and think.

As an example. How to make a network with help of Twitter?
First you need to sign up. Think about the name you want to use. And think about a picture. You will find discussions about the best way to be known on the web on the web. 

How to start with a professional twitter network.
Do a search in twitter for the subject you are interested in. A subject could be a word with a hashtag (#) before it  or without. You could do a search on #mooc or #teaching. Select a person who send an interesting tweet and follow that person.
Adding @persons to your twitter is called following. Follow persons with interesting tweets (twitter messages are called tweets)
It is easy to follow and unfollow someone.
Do write messages and share some of your knowledge or your questions with your twitter followers.

The most important kernel of your new professional online network is the class you are participating now. Keep in touch with the students, keep blogging about your work, about MOOCs you try and write about your experiences as an online teacher.

Do publish a link to your new blogpost in twitter or on Facebook.
The secret of networking in a blog is to make a link to someones blog. Copy a bit of text from that blog and paste it into your own blog. Make a link of this new pasted piece of text to the source. Now your blog is connected to the other blog and the owner of that blog will receive a message about that.

You already know my blog, my twitter account is and my Facebook identity is You are invited to connect and be part of my network. I expect you will meet a lot of teachers and educators in my network.
Most teachers have separate blogs and social media accounts to communicate with classes and students. You only need a second email-account to make a new account on Facebook or twitter.
Take some time for networking. Every day some minutes for twitter or Facebook, or blogging.
Do a search on the web for networking and read about the subject. You will find your way into your network.

When a teacher publishes her lecture as a video, she should also publish the text she used for the lecture. Some students like reading more than viewing a talking head.
Thank you for listening.


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