week 22 sharing and open access

tuinSharing the moral imperative
Shareski needs 25 minutes to tell me sharing is necessary. Why?  Teaching is sharing. I do use Creative Commons for my blog. Do you know ofopeneducation? I do use free software, like Gimp, Libreoffice, Ubuntu, I do sometimes edit a topic in Wikipedia, etc.

Of course I agree on http://jmolina85.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/week-22-personal-learning-networks/ about people not sharing) sharing and I know open is not common for all.

Blogging is a way to publish my thoughts. Blogging is a way to find words to think. Blogging is a way to think aloud. Blogging is a way to keep a  library of questions and answers a journal and a log.

Your future as an online teacher
Ko & Rosen write about taking online courses as a student to learn more about online teaching. They do not mention MOOCs (The book seems to be reprinted in 2010 without much re-writing on that subject) and MOOCs are cheap, you do not need to travel and you could just stop and take another MOOC if the MOOC at hand does not please you.
Ko & Rosen do not use much words for social media as a source of learning for teachers. Twitter and Facebook and blogs (http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org/) are sources of knowledge. Choose your connections with care and you will read more interesting messages about teaching and new ideas and opportunities.

In my presentation about networking and life long learning as a teacher and social media as networking instruments.



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