Yahoo and Flickr

When Yahoo buys Flickr

In 2005 Flickr announced users were to use Yahoo accounts.

flickryahooIIUsers are annoyed. (Who, how many of them? Did Flickr loose users?)

Could we go for another Photo-sharing website?
Is Yahoo a monster and a capitalist villain?

What is the role and status of Flickr users? Are we customers, users, members of a website, owners of the website? We are no paying customers, no clients. Yahoo sells advertising.  This is an interesting new sociological question.
Without users Flickr would be nothing. What would happen if we left Flickr?

Could we leave Flckr? What alternative is out there for Flickr? Wikipedia has a list of photo sharing websites.





2 thoughts on “Yahoo and Flickr

  1. Jaap,

    I went through this. I joined, tried, other sites when FL messed me around a couple of months ago. I would go for Picasa or Photobucket but I sorted it out with FL because all my DS106 peeps are there and have been for yonks!

    You are right of course that if the people go there is no FL but you have to go against that human thing that people fear change :o) and practically the link with the DS106 site. I have, however, just posted a link on the comment area on the main site when I have not used FL and the world did not end.

    I will say this. Having tried the other sites, there is something lovely about FL that others do not have even with all the bad software updates of late. And only including the main site, the mobile app is catastrophic and I do not use it. Is is just the people who share on there? Is it that so many organisations put their stuff on there? Yes, I think so.

    What is incredible to me is that they were doing this since 2005 as you say. Yet in 2013 they let me create an account using only Google email.

    Not sure why you are motivated to write this post? Have you had issues? Have you got an alternative? Anyway, this is my two pence. I think you are not alone looking into alternatives.

  2. Somehow it should be possible to reclaim the web. Flickr or Yahoo or other money machines do not care about customers. They care about money. In Russia big tycoons with billions of dollars are the real forces behind government, In our world big firms like Google and Yahoo, Apple etc want to make the world their world.
    So I am annoyed when apps and sites do not function as I expect, but I do have doubts about democracy and use of power in internet.

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