An apple of course. Welk verhaal begon er toch met een appel?

appel Once upon a time an apple got into a story. (Some say it was some fruit, we do not fight about that) This apple is in paintings and fresco’s and book illustration. Quit some apple that one.
But the apple in the picture is just an apple. Grown on a tree and fallen in the grass.
The picture could be art, but the apple is it art?
De appel is geen kunst, die is zo van de boom gevallen. (niet gemaakt door iemand, is dat een reden om iets “geen kunst” te noemen?)
De foto zou wel kunst kunnen zijn? Maar hier bedoel ik niet de foto maar de appel zelf.
Is een “origineel” geen kunst maar de afbeelding wel?

Some apples in art:

(Rotterdam, Kees Franse 1924-1982, Appels)

Apple @ Schiphol Airport
(Schiphol airport Amsterdam NL)

These blogposts are about art. Alan Levine shouts make art damnit” but what does he want? I want to make art that is why I want to know what is art.
Deze blog posts gaan over kunst. Alan Levine blaft “make art damnit” Maar wat bedoelt hij daarmee? Ik wil kunst maken, daarom wil ik weten wat kunst is.


5 thoughts on “An apple of course. Welk verhaal begon er toch met een appel?

  1. Who cares what I want? I love those apples, all of them.

    I’m find not knowing if it “is art” a priori; I’d rather trail and fail (like when I make apple pie) then never try because I am stuck in theory of art.

  2. Just read that Francis Bacon said: “Truth emerges more readily from error than from confusion.” My experience with art is that it’s always clear to me what I want to make but my abilities have other plans.

  3. Hi Scott, the word “art” once did mean craftsmanship and skill. The art of making art is to Choose a medium that is easy to handle.

  4. Who cares indeed. I want to avoid a theory of art, just because theory of art does not seem very helpfull. Want to make art and try to find out something about it.

  5. Hey Jaap, craftsmanship is a wonderful thing. I had a friend who was a master carpenter and well beyond anyone elses skills. He could make anything in an expert way. Give him a plan and he could repeat it perfectly. I prefer art that argues with my attempts to create a world in my own vision. My painting is more like a negotiation with the paint and canvas as the original “plan” thinks of different ways it wants be.

    For a while in my life I was really good at making things and then lost interest in being good or in control. Because my Mother worked at a famous art college in California I was able to meet a lot of artists she brought in for special classes and most of them were self-centered jerks. They had forgotten about mistakes–I like mistakes.

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