stones, keien

Je kunt een ding aanwijzen en zeggen:
A. “dit is steen”
B. “dit is kunst”
Over uitspreek A. kunnen we het vrij snel eens worden. Het object is steen of het is geen steen.
Over uitspraak B. kunnen we heel lang praten en het is niet uit te sluiten dat we het nooit eens worden.

I could point at an object and say:
A. ‘this is stone’
B. ‘this is art’
On A. we could agree very soon. It is stone or it is not.
On B. we could discuss all our lives and maybe never agree on it.

stone art Street art in Padborg (Danemark) No name, no title.

Gelden in de discussie over het label “kunst” de meeste stemmen?
Maar kunnen we het misschien eens worden over wat dan echt geen label “kunst” kan krijgen?

“Art” is a label. Is it open to voting if an object is art or not?

These blogposts are about art. Alan Levine shouts “make art damnit” but what does he want? I want to make art that is why I want to know what is art.


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  1. Jaap, do you think is something made with the purpose of it being art? Craftsmanship and artistically made with care things like pastries or cheeses (for instance) are works attributed to the artistic act of making them. They themselves aren’t art. This idea doesn’t help when we consider a dance, which could be choreographed to result in the making of a nice cheese for the audience:-)
    Art can be a lifestyle: “A Way of Living: The Art of Willem de Kooning”

  2. This is why I am thinking about “art”. The word has too much meanings, it causes misunderstandings and confusion.
    Professional artists do make objects or events and they label these objects “art”. They want to sell the objects/ or get paid for events.
    In art classes students are said to make art. If they do that satisfactory than they will get diploma’s.
    And of course lots of people make artistic or artful objects without the intention to sell it.
    The problem is in the “art” word, is is too big and has too much connotations to be helpful.

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