Pluralism and scepticism?

Hume (Wikipedia)David Miller in Out of Error defines scepticism as “reliable (justified) knowledge does not exist” p. 136. In some way this scepticism and pluralism seem to be connected.

First picture is of different people debating some pieces of knowledge. No one could claim reliability for a certain piece of knowledge. These people must go on discussing about their knowledge. Some knowledge could be proven wrong.

You could not prove something to be true knowledge, but you could  prove it to be wrong. Hume has some words on this scepticism.

The pluralism is needed to discuss knowledge and to discover and weed out unreliable knowledge.

I need to think this over,

(picture: Hume (Wikipedia)




One thought on “Pluralism and scepticism?

  1. If knowledge of a procedure like toe surgery for instance requires exactitude is there only one path to successful surgery? But there are ten toes on each person and each (or some) might claim their own needs as individuals or form a claim by consensus of the group. As a pluralist at heart, I must be skeptical of agreements that include big and little toes speaking as equals.

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