Relationship and communication, trust, courtesy, connectivity,

vierseitenmodellOne of the four sides of the square does mention Relationship. Trust in the online environment is a complex issue. It should not be taken lightly.
The text about the stag as mentioned in Jenny’s blog is found in
About courtesy in online communication, cultural differences do cause misunderstanding and uneasiness. Like the preferred distance between two talking humans is different in different subcultures and cultures. There is no universal agreement about Norms in online communication.
Some humans are online and they want to talk about facts and opinions without care about relations. Factual information is the only thing that matters to these humans.

Online community has to be more than shouting out facts or opinions to the internet.

I did add the category “connectedcourses” to this post, to be able to share the blog to that course. It is not written for that course, but connected to its theme.

One thought on “Relationship and communication, trust, courtesy, connectivity,

  1. Thanks, Jaap.

    You have such a clear, kind, factual way of writing. Few words to my many words 🙂 I enjoy that.
    The issue of preferences (Both individual and cultural) is so fundamental to people choosing to facilitate online learning. There is much written about how to effectively facilitate these situations.

    The issue I see with cMOOCs in particular is that there is no formal facilitation of the interaction or ground rules that are agreed on…well, beyond ‘if you don’t like this tribe, move on to another or crate your own’. And no consequences for only ‘shouting out facts or opinions to the internet’. In fact, I observe that this is the very thing that seems to be validated by the majority. Not feeling very optimistic about online learning community at the moment. This too will pass.

    I also enjoy your idea (on the post you link to) of the facilitator as ‘company to learners’. May be as an educator I am responsible to for keeping them safe in their journey?

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