Critique and the right and left hemispheres of the brain

A blogpost of Jenny Mackness about the the right and left hemispheres of the brain made me think about my hesitations to use a very analytic way of art critique. Of course we can talk about art and about a picture. But the eye sees more than the analytic verbal part of the brain. Sometimes I feel inspired to make art as a response to a work of art and do not feel the need to write a critique.

(@Titchener commented that Jenny or Iain McGilchrist does apply the right-left hemisphere difference and at same time tells us the difference is discredited. )

Artists mostly do not like to talk about their work of art in an analytic way. They say ” If you want to know the meaning of my work you have to look very well. Because it means what it means.”

We could try to comment on technical solutions in the work. Could write about composition and color and form.  But should we draw triangles in the work to show the composition?
We could tell about our interpretation of the work.

There is more to say about critique …

Here is a short and informative description of art critique.





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