Meditate #ds106 and be enlightened


Ruminating and watching and rethinking a work of art, making notes, or draw sketches is a slow and thoughtful process. It takes time to look carefully and make a copy of a (part of a ) work of art.I need to focus my attention to the work.

How to enjoy music other than listening again and again, or to try to play yourself the music over and over?
Part of the joy is to live the emotional power of the work, and it is the careful observation of it.

Maybe meditation is like  enjoying art in a slow and attentive way? I know the feeling of ‘enlightenment’ (or is it joy?) after playing a piece of music.

About “Art as Therapy” Allan de Botton: “This book proposes that art is a therapeutic medium that can help guide, exhort and console its viewer, enabling them to become better versions of themselves.”

Stone of unknown artist in Padborg (Danemark)

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