Programmeren op school. Programming as a school subject.

python codeDe laatste tijd lees ik enthousiaste verhalen over de noodzaak om het schoolvak programmeren in te voeren. De motieven zijn economische noodzaak, een grote wens tot technische vooruitgang en ontwikkeling van meer en betere techniek. Programmeren zou ook goed zijn voor intellectuele vorming en logisch redeneren.
Achter deze redenen om het schoolvak programmeren in te willen voeren schuilen allerlei andere motieven en waarden. Deze achterliggende waarden en motieven blijven onduidelijk en worden zelden genoemd in de discussies die men voert over de noodzaak van programmeren als schoolvak.

I do read enthusiastic stories about the need make computer programming a school subject. The motives to do so are economic necessity, a great desire for technical progress and the need to develope more and better technology. Programming would also be a good means to achieve intellectual education and reasoning.
Behind these reasons for wanting to introduce programming as a school subject We could find all kind of other motives and values. These underlying values and motives remain unclear and are rarely mentioned in the discussions about the need for programming as a school subject.

Waarom zouden we alle leerlingen willen leren programmeren? Is leren programmeren even noodzakelijk als leren lezen?
Welke toekomstverwachtingen hebben degenen die het nieuwe schoolvak graag willen invoeren?

Why should we teach all students to program? Is learning to program as necessary as learning to read?
Those people who want to introduce the new school subject what expectations about the future do they have?


2 thoughts on “Programmeren op school. Programming as a school subject.

  1. Many children use computers with no idea of what’s going on inside and basic programming is one way of becoming a little more intimate with computers and what they can and can’t do. However, it’s just one aspect of IT and maybe exaggerated by politicians and others who have no idea of what programming is about themselves! Some kids are interested enough to do quite advanced computing projects and hardware such as the Raspberry Pi now makes this possible and for little cost. I think that children should have the opportunity to become familiar with whatever aspects of computing enhance the projects that interest them rather than making “programming” a subject in its own right.

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