#rhizo15 subjective perspective on teaching for life

boeiMy translation of the Question “What can we get done with subjectives that can’t be done with objectives? ” is what do we teach and give our students above the knowledge and skills they must learn as prescribed by the curruculum. How do we influence the becoming of our students, the kind of humans they will be.

These are not the average objectives and we can only measure them in a nominal or ordinal scale.

Once one person (she had been a student of mine) told me that only after some years some traits of my being a teacher popped up to her and changed the way she acts in her vocation.

rather than setting myself any goals, objective, subjective or whatever, I’m going to think about the perspectives I want to take from this experience.

This perspective thing suits better in this rather un-objective kind op teaching. This is teaching with a life long perspective (not semester or school period perspective). It is teaching for life and with human beings, not for the test.
I see now my metaphor is of travel and sailing.


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