#rhizo15 technophobia technophilia and technorealism

wegwijzerMaybe this is a fork for #rhizo15?
Keep it in mind.

Jason Silva on a youtube video where he pulls from Nietzsche, Andy Clark, Kevin Kelly and others https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUzFtWNOOOU (thanks @Autumm Caines). It is  an advertisement for the idea of humans already being cyborgs. If he means humans do use tools and technology he is right. Jason Silva is a technophile.

Maybe the big question is What are we going to do with our technology?

And we do not want to be blind to the side effects of technology. Silent Spring, mass surveillance on internet. Ask the technophobians for more bad results of technology.

and for the technorealists see http://www.technorealism.org/


One thought on “#rhizo15 technophobia technophilia and technorealism

  1. Ik begrijp het! I guess I’m a techno-realist.
    I’m connecting this to learning and how these change perspectives for teachers and learners. Your perspective or stance will shape how you engage and interact with others in digital spaces. Techno-realism balances between the two polarities. Learning can happen anywhere along this continuum.

    The technology of the written word was scorned at one time. Socrates argued against the written word (http://apt46.net/2011/05/18/socrates-was-against-writing/) and how learning is best done by dialogue. Are we coming back to the beginning? with or without new technologies?

    Interesting fork in the #rhizo15! We are all cyborgs now – http://www.ted.com/talks/amber_case_we_are_all_cyborgs_now?language=en

    Bedankt, Helen

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