Cyborgs in the classroom?

Our #ds106 friend Anna Cow did write a story about cyborgs.
She wrote:
I fear to be a cyborg. What If some nasty BigFarma or BigData or some CompuNerds made a cyborg of me? No aliens but nasty big firms trying to do something very evil? ? Think of the BigNerds trying to do nasty tests on cows and humans.

Jason Silva on a youtube video is rather optimistic and jubilant about being a cyborg.
Could a cyborg be used as a soldier, or do more evil deeds because of this extra equipment?
In this world and in the future of the cyborg world would values and ethics be important in education and the curriculum, in teaching? Because of the power of cyborg possibilities?

Does the techno-realistic perspective give a better view on dangers and possibilities of technology?


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