school? Who does need objectives? #rhizo15

fragment of Painting

we need to stop pretending that we need classes to learn things and that we have to start with the “basics” before we can learn about more complex things connect this to life long learning.

We moeten ophouden net te doen alsof we klassen nodig hebben om dingen te leren en dat we bij de basis moeten beginnen. Welke basis?

When I want to make a painting, and it does not want to become my painting. Then I will learn. I keep trying until the painting is there. I will look better, step back, try again/  That is what learning is for a human. Try to do something and keep trying (with help of other humans) to find a working solution.

Als ik schilder en het wil niet lukken dan leer ik iets. Dan blijf ik progberen, stap achteruit, kijk beter. Dat is hoe mensen leren. Iets proberen en blijven proberen (met wat hulp) to het lukt.

So really, what if we (students and instructor) don’t know where we are going? That was my experience five years ago when I started a learning space with one simple question: what do you want to learn?

Maar wat als studenten en docenten niet weten waar het heengaat? Dat was mijn ervaring toen we vijf jaar geleden begonnen met de vraag wat wil je eigenlijk leren?

Some years ago (it was in the 20th century) government decided we needed more plumbers. You could not find a plumber when you needed one.
People were encouraged to became plumbers, new curriculum and new schools for plumbers. This plumber campaign did work wonderful, lots of students wanted to be plumber. They learned how to weld leaden and copper tubes.
When the first wave of new plumbers received their diploma, the world had changed. PVC tubes did conquer the world.

That is what objectives do.

My own learning contract is in the open and this is a way for me to prioritize, focus and make room for the unexpected. But I´m toying with the idea of a digital arborist to help out in my head of opportunities. The walking metaphor for learning could make me to choose and be careful what to do and what to leave to others. I could only walk one way at the time.

and in addition neither of us really have any idea where this will lead. Setting objectives would be pointless at best and at worst would shut off potentially interesting avenues.

Er is een groep mensen die doelen voor leren niet zien zitten.
Some humans do not look upon objectives as useful things. But what about subjectives?

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