the unkown future of our students

sourcesHi Lisa,

Your first tweet as shown here. In this tweet you write we need multiple data for teaching and …

My question is if we can obtain these data, and how we can use the data if available.

One set of data is not available, that is the set of data of what students will need in their future. I would say this is a very serious lack of knowledge. Maybe education and schools are teaching with a wrong set of assumptions and not data?

I know how assessment processes work in schools. But the overall question remains what set of data about the future of the students do we need and could we possibly foretell  or predict their future needs? I did blog on this in

Does this unknown future make our work in education more questionable? Some students ask Why do we need to know this? And what could an honest teacher answer on that question?

Pre-packaged objectives bring learning to an end, subjecting perspectives to change never ends. This frees us up for life-long learning via wisdom of the crowd. @penpln Benny Bentley

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