Think about a map #rhizo15 measurement and teaching


In one of these study books about psychology was this maze with a map drawing.

Schools try to sell maps for future expeditions. But the map is always a bit insecure because of new situations in real life.

when learning we want (a student) te be better than we (a student) is/are now.
Some one, I or you or that student over there, wants to be better in some way.

Teaching is helping some one to become better in a way. A better musician, a better mother, a good human, a better butcher or medical doctor or a poet.
So in teaching is a value driven activity. Student wants to be better, to know more about a subject, to hone the skills.

We help students when we point at skills or knowledge or behavior that could become better and point at possible improvements. That is kind of measurement. Is is not assessment.
If you are a musician or a swimmer you will know better is always possible.

What is the difference between observation and measurement?
Is it possible to observe something or someone and not measure, adding value?


One thought on “Think about a map #rhizo15 measurement and teaching

  1. I think about observations I’ve done where time spent and pre-coded behaviors were the main measures. More time for qualitative reflection on behaviors of people with long dwell times, so more curiosity about what plays into their engagement.

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