Count learning, What counting? and Which learning? #rhizo15

rasaay 2012I am a bass clarinetist. Every day I do learn, train, try and rehearse. And when the band plays, or the clarinet quartet is playing people, listeners, colleagues, will listen and comment. This was beautiful. That was not correct. That needs improvement. This evaluation is not counting, but we need it for improvement. Counting is important in most music, not in all! However, counting errors and mistakes is not a pedagogical smart habit.

Is learning music same kind of learning as high school and university learning?

Playing in an ensemble is more complicated than playing solo. Playing together with other musicians is challenge. New skills must be learned. More social skills, more (self-) confidence,  more stress management. A lot more about these important extra and important learnings or lessons (countable words!) I found in Symbolic Measure of Lisa M Lane. (Via OU Digital Tools. Laura Gibbs)

Picture Raasay Bass Clarinet Course

2 thoughts on “Count learning, What counting? and Which learning? #rhizo15

  1. Thank you, Jaap. I learned many things from choral singing. Refining my attention to counting beats. Staying in tempo and on pitch. Listening to others, blending our tones, singing louder or softer as it fit the music and the group. Taking cues from someone else. Focusing at first on learning my own part, and then coming to hear how it fit into and served a larger whole. Feeling the energy and abilities of the group rise and coalesce. The amazing high of entering fully into the music together, and sharing it in performance after having rehearsed and prepared. And it amazes me, when I have the chance to sing again with old friends years after singing in a choir together, that the blend comes back so easily.

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