the meaning of Content is “pleased” #rhizo15

trechterAs a student I was the only student reading a course on philosophy of science. We did read a book on the subject of C. West Churchman, and discussed anything that seemed connected to the subject. I do know some of the facts and opinions (is this content?) that C. West Churchman wrote. Only a little bit. But I did learn a lot about thinkung as a philosopher of science.

What I am particularly interested in is how content, however broadly defined, can develop curiosity. How what or how we learn and teach can result in questions and discovery.

I did read Mencius with a small group and a professor. We translated a piece of text at home and discussed the different translations. I did learn some classical Chinese words (I guess this is content). But the most important part I did learn to translate and read Chinese philosophy.

These are two illustrations of the un-importance of content. The important part of teaching and learning is what is done with the content.

This content-story of management is an old story about teaching as feeding small children with knowledge to become big adults.


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