Underground stores. #rhizo metaphore,


In Zen and the art of motor cycle maintenance a woman asks the teacher (the I of the book) a question. She asks if he does teach quality. That woman was an underground store. She only did ask a small question and she made the story of the book happen.

Could we play the metaphor of the rhizome that far?

Rhizome is a part of a plant. The rhizome function is to collect water and minerals and other food for the plant to grow. Bacteria and lichens do assist the rhizome by preparing food for input in the rhizome.

The rhizome needs food. Dung, dead materials, minerals etc. and rhizome finds it in the ground. What is the metaphor saying about teaching and learning?

The rhizome connects the stem and flowers to the earth. Without the rhizome the plant would be blown away by the wind. Learning needs connection to a firm  ground.

A good soil with the right structure, water, food, temperature, and lots of other healthy components is needed for a healthy plant. Good learning needs a ‘ healthy’ surroundings.

Is a teacher a gardener?


3 thoughts on “Underground stores. #rhizo metaphore,

  1. Question: how do we bring this rhizome metaphor into the world of relationships and social connection? Do we move from gardeners to farmers?

  2. metaphors are always wrong. Teacher and student are both nodes in the rhizome. Speaking of teacher roles and functions we could use a metaphore of gardeing. But these roles and functions are not only in the teacher. In rhizomatic learning all could share teacher roles and functions.

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