Critical rationalism or postmodernism in #rhizo15 learning

fietsCould a (critical) rational person engage in rhizomatic learning?
Critical rationalism is a philosophy  that views upon post-modernism as a wrong method of thinking. (To put it mildly) (as do for instance Alan Sokal, Jean Bricmond and Juergen Habermas)

Does one have to be a believer of Deleuze to study rhizomatic learning?
For critical views on Deleuze :Slavoj Žižek, Organs without Bodies (2003), Pascal Engel, “The Decline and Fall of French Nietzscheo-Structuralism” (1994) and others.

Is authority of teachers a necessity in teaching?

Could one teach (rhizomatically or other way) if one does not master the subject? Or as a teacher asked me: Could one teach digital citizenship if not a user of digital media?

Obscurantism abuses the reader’s natural sense of curiosity and interpretive charity with the promise of deep and profound insights about a designated subject matter that is often vague or elusive. When the attempt to understand what the speaker means requires excessive hermeneutic efforts, interpreters are reluctant to halt their quest for meaning.

( Filip Buekens & Maarten Boudry (2015). The Dark Side of the Loon. Explaining the Temptations of Obscurantism. Theoria 81 (2):126-142. )

3 thoughts on “Critical rationalism or postmodernism in #rhizo15 learning

  1. is the deleuze hype an example of pluralistic ignorance?
    Zellner, William W. and Marc Petrowsky. (1998). Sects, Cults, and Spiritual Communities: A Sociological Analysis, p. 13; excerpt, “Like the villagers in the story of the emperor’s new clothes, members of the inner circle were unwilling to reveal their ignorance by challenging …. As a result, they suppressed whatever doubts they had an worked even harder to make sense of what, in the final analysis, may have been nonsensical.”

  2. Do you see a lack of critical voices in rhizomatic learning Jaap? I feel like I see a fair amount of it though it does seem good natured. I worry that sometimes we miss critical if it is not harsh and stern. Can we be critical in a compassionate way?

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