Badges #rhizo15


Grappig zo’n badge, maar leer je om een badge te verdienen? De meeste dingen leer je voor je plezier of om een probleem op te lossen. Leren voor een toets is opmerkelijk.
De school is overal en iedereen is er wel geweest. Daarom voelen weinig mensen die vreemde verbinding tussen leren en toetsen.
Wat vind jij van toetsen en badges?

Nagekomen bericht over badges:

Funny badge. Learning to get a badge is that rhizomatic? Most learning is for fun and pleasure or to solve problems. Learning to a test is questionable.
School is everywhere and everybody did go to school, so hardly anybody feels the weird connection between learning and testing. Do you think testing and badges are weird?

About open badges:

Weer tweetalig, na lezen van I love that Jaap writes in English and Dutch. Not many bloggers write in two languages. Schrijft H.J Dewaard.


6 thoughts on “Badges #rhizo15

  1. I’m not too keen on badges for adults though I can see children being motivated to learn boring procedures like spelling properly. Having said that I do display my Coursera certificate for their philosophy MOOC as a sort of grown up badge to impress my friends and relatives!

  2. I share your ambivalence about badging systems, when they are part of a testing regime or used in a competitive manner. There is a part of the badging thing which does make sense, and could become rhizomatic: when they are used like video gamers use their “chieves” [achievements] as interim steps towards learning a complex whole. This kind of shared recognition of having mastered something difficult can help build a collaborative and cooperative culture. Then, if the badging system supports a kind of “referral credit,” where one can say, “I learned this, and that’s the person who taught me,” the connections and cross-connections are quite closely analogous to a rhizomatic network. I don’t know of a badging system that works this way, and I’ll keep putting out this idea until I find someone who’s willing to help me build it (I want one for string game learning!).

  3. Badges go into my digital shoebox and come out when I am ready to reflect on the experiences. Symbolic and metaphoric with a link from something to something else. For some people it’s all about show them, share them, compare them.

  4. Badges as souvenirs from a long and interesting expedition into a jungle of rhizomes. I like that kind of badges.

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