Connecting and disconnecting #rhizo15


How we do look at the facts.
Fase 0: We nemen de wereld waar op onze eigen wijze. Hier kan je allerlei vragen stellen over objectiviteit en subjectiviteit, over waarnemen, over taal en waarnemen.
In phase 0 we look at a world around us. What do we see? Here are questions about subjectivity and objectivity, distortions, language and perception.
Fase 1: We nemen allerlei gebeurtenissen en verschijnselen waar. Ze zijn met elkaar verbonden en met de omgeving. We onderscheiden en benoemen. Het is niet eenvoudig alle verschijnselen
waar te nemen. Daarom gaan we over naar fase 2.
Phase 1: We perceive all kinds of events and phenomena. They are interconnected and connected to the context. We distinguish and name. It is not easy to observe all phenomena. We therefore move on to Phase 2.
Fase 2:We richten ons op een enkel verschijnsel. Hierdoor verliest het de samenhang met de ongeving. We isoleren de gebeurtenis of het verschijnsel. Zo kunnen we onze aandacht beter richten.
Phase 2:
We focus on a single phenomenon. Which affects the connections with the surrounding phenomena We isolate the event or phenomenon. Because we are able to focus our attention in that way.
Fase 3: Soms gaan we onderzoeken hoe enkele geisoleerde zaken samenhangen.
Phase 3: Now we could research the connection between some phenomena we first isolated.


2 thoughts on “Connecting and disconnecting #rhizo15

  1. Hi Jaap, I think sometimes when we focus on out own thoughts we can discover ways to understand others. Not sure if we can call it an unconscious collection of knowledge of the world that allows us to understand but this might be how connections are formed? When we are not paying strict attention, information still comes in. I liked this paper on Journaling and self discovery:

    The Paper Mirror: Understanding Reflective Journaling
    Delaura L. Hubbs and Charles F. Brand
    Via Tracpac
    pp. 60-71 Journal of Experiential Education • 2005, Volume 28, No. 1


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