Your brain needs rest


Your brain needs to rest. Just be lazy for some time and do nothing.
Your brain is constantly connected to the web, your phone always wants attention, the traffic is getting on your nerves, the noises around you, your thoughts keep your brain busy.
Do prevent stress related brain symptoms and give your brains some rest. Do not check your phone while waiting but just be bored for some minutes. Just look out of the window, watch the sky.
Sleeplessness and burn out are stress related symptoms and prevention is much more easy and less time consuming and more fun than therapy.
There are several ways of coping with stress, such as controlling the source of stress or learning to set limits and to say “no” to some of the demands that devices, social media, bosses or people around you may make.
You will like stillweb and the twitteraccount The Daily Stillness with a little touch of rest or silence every day.
Sustained stress, over long periods of time, and destroys creativity and, as a friend of mine says, “the human soul.”


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