Rascals village, B.C. Canada

On the map of David Rumsey I found a village named Rascals Village.



In The early Indian wars of Oregon : compiled from the Oregon archives and other original sources : with muster rolls we read the word rascals as a name for the first nation. (quote:  “… the Indians at The Dalles, who were a roguish and impertinent set of rascals,…”). If your enemy are rascals, it is easier to shoot them…  The map is from about 1850, that is to say some grandfathers grandfathers made it.

That village stills exists, it is called Bella Coola BC Canada now. In and around that village are the Nuxalk People. Archeologists estimate that Native peoples have occupied the Bella Coola Valley area for nearly 10,000 years. During 1862 and 1863 the Native villages in the Bella Coola Valley area were decimated by a smallpox epidemic. It has been estimated that the population was reduced by 70-90 percent.


I do not know anything about these people so I cannot tell the real history. But the story would be sad because all those dead people in 1862/3. All those empty houses, with some people that lost their entire family.




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