out of my window



made with GIMP

first the picture with window. remove the window and make a hole in the image.
add layer > transparency > add alpha channel
select window with lasso and press shift to get straight lines
To see the tools press ctrl-B. a screen with tools appears.
cut the selected part ctrl-x
open picture with riding cowboys as layers  (file > open as layers> choose file )
with M (or tools > transform tools > move) place layer in right position.
remember to select the layer you want to work on with Layer > Stack > select
change layer order with Layer > Stack > reverse layer order.
export every scene (no need to finish the image) and make sure to name every image different.

the process to prepare a gif
riding cowboys on top (reverse layer order)
move the cowboys to the right with M and your mouse
reverse layer order
export image as
I do use image1, image2 image3

to make a gif
open the series of images as layers
export as gif, select as animation, select a speed.

when necessary reverse layer order.

used a flickr photo by Ian Muttoo http://flickr.com/photos/imuttoo/2560332026 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license



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