Hyperlink story telling (101)

A slowly evolving project about hypertexts. Here i write about the project. The hyperlink  project  is growing on http//www.zticker.nl

Use Image maps for storytelling Explained and demo.

Anna Cow did ask what I know of hypertext poetry. She will add a daily create on that subject, she wrote.  I had to search on that subject. It is part of visual poetry.

Visual  or digital poetry is a vast area of art. http://poemsthatgo.com/gallery/winter2004/jabber/index.htm and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genco_Gulan#/media/File:22.2_QR_Code_Poem.jpg

One day we could add an image map daily create. I want some examples.

Still busy to build  a hypertext with image maps and webpages. I want a closed circuit of pages all pointing at a member of that circuit.

every page should  present one frame of a story. And the frames should be without a certain order.

(like a story about someone traveling , every frame a part of the route. Kind of everlasting journey through that circuit.)



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