Corn. Verhoeven, against violence (1)

I will try to read and translate this booklet.

1. Violent thinking

1. Violence as inspiration.

To think about violence is a way of suffering and of rebellion. It is superior and submissive.
This impossible situation inspires thinking and it means two restrictions

First I cannot think about violence in a political way. My thinking will not and cannot change political decisions, not now and not in the future.  My desire for instant change is a source of inspiration, but I am fully aware of the futility of this desire.
It would be very naive  to try to change the world by thinking only. That would place us outside reality and make our thoughts infertile or into coarse shouting.

We could say we are against war and violence, and we could be very convinced that war is unnecessary and should be abolished. That is not a very fertile idea. We must suffer of reality and be conscious of the rather absolute incapability of the individual.  If someone is not convinced of this incapability,  he does not understand that this incapability, powerlessness, is part of the massive and structural problem of violence.  Violence is defined as that what is stronger than me, as what I have to suffer and endure. It always escapes  the political manageable.




Translation of parts of Cornelis Verhoeven, Tegen het geweld, AMBO, 1967,






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