Corn. Verhoeven violence(3)


Want juist het kordaat optreden is een van de meest voorkomende vormen van geweld.

Because acting resolute is one of the most existing forms of violence. (p.12 Corn. Verhoeven, tegen het geweld)

(Resolute is without any doubt, determined, no hesitation. No further thinking. To resolutely fight violence is a paradoxical act. Verhoeven wants to think about Violence. )

Violence is a big dark spot on our lives/existence as a collectivity, as an individual and on the dark places in between. And it would not be violence or force majeure if the spot was made by us and we could remove it again. It would be good to rethink  violence and our impotence before being too resolute in our talking about violence.

If violence is integrated part of our existence than violence cannot be removed from our world without big changes in our lives.


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