Cornelis Verhoeven Violence (3)

What remains to think and talk about? The very  problem of violence, maybe the mystery of violence. The elusive nature of the problem is an aspect of the problem of violence.

The complicated-ness does not originate from an hesitant  attitude that does accept violence and that should be changed to defeat violence. This complicated-ness is not an attempt of the thinking mind to keep an interesting problem alive, but it is the nature of the problem of violence. The problem as seen through the eyes of someone who does not want to be and cannot be a political agitator or a passionate moralist, but who is aware of the omnipresent nature of violence and only can think, being conscious of his inadequacy/impotence.

Violence is only a philosophical problem as far as the thinking becomes aware of its problematic nature in connection with this problem. First it is frustrating to the thinking human that he cannot be active but only can think.  And this frustration does inspire the thinking.  The thinker would prefer to finish the mess with a grand move, or to find a possibility to withdraw into introspection and end all violence. But the thinker understands both solutions are impossible and ridiculous. The thinker both suffers and is rebellious.

Violence is an old philosophical problem. The annoyance about violence is one of the many ways of  wonderment (beginning and ultimate  nature of thinking) . And wonderment cannot be cleared or solved by thinking, just like annoyance.



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