Boredom and Cornelis Verhoeven

fisherman on Li river

Het grote gebeuren; dr. Corn. Verhoeven; 1966

Aantekeningen over de verveling.

Notes about “aantekeningen over de verveling”(translated: notes about boredom) of Cornelis Verhoeven.

This is not a translation of the text of Cornelis Verhoeven. It is a resume with some comments.

1. Writing about boredom

Boredom does not encourage writing, not even about boredom. Because when I want to write about boredom my boredom does stop me. I could start writing out of boredom, but I could not continue writing when I am bored. Because it would be not worth the trouble.
Verhoeven is playing with the concept and the word boredom (verveling in Dutch).
Somebody who never was bored cannot write about being bored.
The active person could not think of something more disgusting than the boredom and the cantankerous idleness of people who do not know how to use the God given time and who do not realize the shortness of life.

2. Niets te doen

Cornelis Verhoeven wrote 6 texts about boredom in this chapter of Het grote gebeuren; dr. Corn. Verhoeven; 1966.
I will continue writing in the next blogpost.
Translation of Het grote gebeuren : The great happening. The important event.


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