Some questions about Goals and Objectives in #ds106

In #ds106 learning digital storytelling is the goal of the course. (ds = digital storytelling)

When listening to radio106 ( about “Sometimes we are just in service of the story and it is lovely to be a part of that.” The discussion with Mariana and John moved in the direction of assessment. My question about that part was:


My questions are:

What skills, knowledge, do we learn doing #ds106?  I did learn more about using GIMP, twitter, drawing, publishing, blogging, scanning drawings.

And another question is about all other things we learn. Doing ds106 I learned about giving (digital) feedback; how to do digital communication; using creativity; maintain a digital persona. A whole range of what I for the moment will call  higher order results of doing ds106.


About grading and power:
Humans do learn, humans are always learning. Learning may occur consciously or without conscious awareness. It seems rather impossible to assess this learning without being aware of what we learn.
Do we need goals to learn?
“What can we get done with subjectives that can’t be done with objectives? ” is what do we teach and give our students above the knowledge and skills they must learn as prescribed by the curruculum. How do we influence the becoming of our students, the kind of humans they will be.
What if schools did try to discover possibilities and potency in students? (count your blessings?)
What if schools tried to develop these possibilities in stead of working with curricula and standard tests?
About group roles. Do DS106 learn to be better group members?

About some important goals to learn; we will never read these in a curriculum: 

There are goals that can only be achieved by passivity. And these goals are not the least important. What is said here about sleep can also be said about happiness, insight, love and peace, about all which, if only by the scope of their meaning, withdraw themselves from the grasp of self-empowerment. The essentials of life are given to us, beginning with pure existence itself. This insight alone is enough to end the autocracy of activity.

How measurement will change education into simple teaching.


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