Verveling en duur (boredom and duration, time) 3

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Boredom and time
Man is bored in the established (Merleau-Ponty)
Perfection continued is boring and makes us aggressive. The duration of mobility is boring. The endlessness and continuity of duration is boring it causes an aggressive kind of haste motivated by the possibility of more speed. A long monotonous journey on the Autobahn or Interstate; a dull endless speech, with all possibilities to let your thoughts wander, but no possibility to do anything else, causes Langweile boredom verveling.

One is captured and prisoner of a squeezing terrorizing duration. The established is here to stay. We must do with it and it makes us think about a creative freedom or an urgent wish to escape to sleep or to fainting or to unconsciousness.
I was never tempted more to run away or to faint or to do something great or violent than when I had to listen on sunday mornings to a sweating and heavily breathing choir singing alleluias. I was searching for a spot to escape to. That was a kind of anti-boredom, a desperate drive for action, a claustrophobia of time, that makes boredom such a mess of different emotions. Because in some way this resistance against boredom is part of the phenomenon as we know it. Boredom is a laming and emptied haste haste without goal, aggression against duration. Duration calls boredom into existence.
Even the view of industrious and slow and dedicated labor makes us bored without an end as an act of fairness an antithetical supplement that is necessary. That kind of duration and labor needs a lot of boredom, and the thought that this working person is not conscious of the necessary boredom is unbearable. That is why we feel the boredom in his place. It is sustitute boredom.
In slowness duration is a claim on the available time. Time and duration relate as freedom and choice. Choice does limit freedom, duration limits time. Here also boredom is the impossibility to choose.

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