How do you call this thing? #ds106



2 thoughts on “How do you call this thing? #ds106

  1. If you slide a metal shaft through the centre hole in the ring and then turn the screw facing us inward with a flat screwdriver, the “set-screw” will contact the shaft and lock the ring onto the shaft. This can be used to keep wheel-like things in place when the shaft is used as an axle for a child’s coaster, a propeller on a helicopter or to prevent an umbrella from flying off the end of its stick. An alternate use involves affixing the ring to a young carrot and when the carrot reaches a pre-determined depth the ring will contact a previously buried and energized trip-wire sounding an alarm to let you know the carrot is just the right length to fit in your soup pot.
    Though the ring itself is suggestive of the female, followers of Freud would point to the inserted shaft, the traditional use was to prevent young men from dropping their foreskins here and there thus creating serious tripping hazards and unflattering head wear for the Royal Ducks.
    No idea what it’s called:-(

  2. Hi Scott thanks for your reply. Some say it is a collar. The thing also is used in drilling to adjust depth of the hole.

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