About Garden Eight, Lei Liang (1)


Garden Eight is a piece by Lei Liang,composer.  He wrote a collection of  6 parts, 天 Tian, heaven, 地 Di, earth, 東 Dong,oost, 南 Nan,zuid, 西 Xi, west and 北 Bei, noord。 Lei Liang wants the parts to be gardens, visual worlds and worlds of other senses. Passing clouds, remote mountains, sound of ancient temple bells, transience of seasons.

These pieces are musical gardens. To perform one of them is to walk through a garden of sounds.

Chinese connect directions to elements and colors and notes.

direction color element note
east green wood jue 角
south red fire zhi 緻
west white metal shang2 商
north black water yu3 羽
centre yellow earth gong1 宮

(Fung Yu-lan, A History of Chinese Philosophy II. p.13)

天 (tian)means heaven and is in Chinese culture as loaded with different meanings as in christian cultures. It is above, nature, the sky, the place of the gods, etc.





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