Garden Eight Lei Liang (2)


[Read also part 1:

I just listened to a selection from  “Listening for Blossoms” (soundcloud)

What would it mean to listen to a painting? What is the relationship between landscape, memory, gesture, vision, and sound—and how can technology help us begin to answer this question? Lei Liang has been exploring these intersections in his musical compositions: Brush-Stroke, In Praise of Shadows, and Listening for Blossoms all enmesh Liang’s visual and perceptual experience with his own sonic world. (source

Garden is 園林 yuan2lin2 and eight is 八 ba1. The word for “eight” (八 bā sounds similar to the word which means “prosper” or “luck”

(image: pen jing or bonsai in Botanical Garden Washington DC)


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