Garden 8; senza misura; free time

blauw oranje gif

The Compositions 1960 Compositions 1960  are a set of pieces written in 1960 by composer La Monte Young. These pieces are unique in the sense that Young heavily emphasizes performance art, through extra-musical actions such as releasing a butterfly into the room or pushing a piano against a wall.

This piece of music is free time music, without prescribed measures. Sensa misura.

The sound of Wind Chimes and some of  John Cage‘s  music are sensa misura too.

Fantasy on Japanse Woodprints is een sensa misura compositie van de wereldcomponist Alan Hovhaness uit 1965.

From senzamisura.blogspot:

“There are no solids. There are no things. There are only interfering and non-interfering patterns operative in pure principle, and principles are eternal.”
– Buckminster Fuller

Emptiness cannot only mean silence. The musical structures that composers use to build – canons, patterns, linguistic tropes, iterations, gestural articulations, and mappings – is that what we hear? What gives music a sense of meaning could be that dimension of which we cannot construct. As Lao Tzu famously said – “It is the emptiness of the cup that makes it useful”. So what is the emptiness of one’s music? Perhaps, what is left unsaid engenders its purpose? Using another metaphor, music can often be described as acoustic architecture. From this, we might contend that the sonic constructions that we build are tangible places, shapes, and forms. So then, in these “buildings”, what do you place inside? What function do you assign to the space that you provide? This question has been plaguing me the past year. We form, shape, and mold sounds onto a temporal axis – but it is often so meaningless in its experience and meaning(full)ness perhaps can only be found in contemplating its emptiness.

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