Wy stay, why not go and live in a better place?


My question is this. In the 19th century some of my mothers family went to America. They lived here in a poor and remote corner of our country. They escaped to a new country.

How come so many people do not leave the rust belt, the dying city? Why not escape from a poor and backward place?  USA has a history of immigration and going West…

Some more questions:

Do people know when they are going down the hill? You need to be aware of a threat before you even think of an escape.

Do poor circumstances and a bad  economic or political situation make people active or passive? Do some people believe in a nearb better future? Do they wait for someone to save them from poverty?

Do people know of or are aware of possibilities elsewhere?

What are costs of moving versus costs of staying? Money, emotional cost, etc.
(You will need to sell your house and nobody will buy, no money for transport and living)

Do people believe they have a change to improve, at home or elsewhere, their situation?

Look into literature about why did not the Jews escape from Germany? why do other people not escape their fate?

Are people afraid to change, afraid to live in other parts of the world, afraid to leave their family, friends, neighbors? Afraid of the unknown?






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