Education for life, to be an adult.

In a weblog of a student I found this question:hotchoclate

Who teaches you to be an adult?
In a world of PISA– data about education and schools this is a real question. Do the PISA results matter very much to students and people?

An old definition of education: education is helping or guiding non-adults to become independent adults. Do school systems still apply that definition?

American colleges and universities have largely moved away from the goal of helping students address the full scope of these challenges, focusing primarily on their intellectual development.
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About Confucius view on Education: In educating we  do not communicate a cognitive content such as  scientific facts and mathematical theorems. Rather education is applied moral psychology. Its purpose is to give a population competence in conventionalized conduct. Education internalizes  behavior patterns. Education most resembles behavioral training character building. [a Daoist theory of Chinese Thought; Chad Hansen].



One thought on “Education for life, to be an adult.

  1. I love the Boston College booklet and will read it ASAP. My first sense of college was it being an extension of my childhood complete with authority figures and required behaviours. The places I went were realities separate from life and of no consequence–an artificiality. Fortunately it was the 60’s in California so there cops all over the campus and lots of field trips to the adult, day-visit jail cells at the police station.
    More seriously, the ideal world of education shields students from the hardest stuff. Such as there are things in the world that are alien to the way you think that others believe and act out with moderate to great success. Functional differences and contradictions that work. Bad ideas the form the basis of whole world views; many of them living comfortably in your own brain.

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